Friday, October 15, 2010

Dog ear infections: ear shape influence

Because dogs with lop or floppy ears are much more prone to ear infections than dogs with upright ears, its worth looking at the shape of your dogs ears when assessing their need for cleaning and attention (although all dogs ears need attention).  Its also worth considering a dogs ear shape when buying a dog, taking into account the climate you live in and their lifestyle.
This article has a great diagram of all the different dog ear shapes.

Dog Ear Shape Cheat Sheet

By Paige

Dog Ear Shape Chart

*Click image for a larger view

Recently we did a post about the different ear shapes found in dog breeds, then decided to put together a cheat sheet for those who want to be able to identify ear shapes on the fly.

Feedback is always appreciated from those who know their ears. :)


Great picture, isn't it.  What shape are your dogs ears?

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